Safety Promotion is part of the Safety Management System (SMS) and, together with the Safety Policy and the organization's objectives defined in it, represents a driving force for the continuous improvement of safety levels.

Purpose of Safety Promotion

The purpose of the safety promotion is to promote a culture of safety and increase the awareness of airport operators and organizations on operational risks and the related prevention methods. In this regard, a virtuous behavior model is proposed, aimed at implementing the correct actions as a response to both normal and emergency situations. For this reason, the SMS promotes awareness and training campaigns on Safety issues with different methods of communication.

Each campaign is indeed developed defining a main theme and a target of personnel to whom the campaign itself is addressed. According with these elements, a communication strategy is developed which may include the organization of committees, training meetings, courses or simply the method of disseminating the material developed on the topic (including the Safety Notices dealt with in the specific section). For further information see MdA Part B.