Flight connections


Passengers passing through the “Leonardo da Vinci” airport of Rome - Fiumicino, can locate the terminals and departure gates by following the signs and referring to the screens, or alternatively, speak to a member of staff at ADR's manned information desks. Passengers who must check-in for their new destination shall go directly to the appropriate airline's transfer desk. Passengers who wish to drop off their luggage while waiting for their connecting flight can take advantage of the ADR luggage deposit service, located in the Arrivals Area of Terminal 3.

For passengers connecting within the Schengen Countries security checks are not required. However, those who are coming from an Italian or Non-Schengen departure point and are departing for an intercontinental or Non-Schengen Country destination (Boarding Areas E) and vice versa, must undergo a passport check by the Border Police. Customs checks are conducted at the discretion of Customs Officers. There is also a required security check for transfer passengers from Non-Schengen Countries (where required) to all destinations.