Our awards



(airports with over 40 million passengers per year)

Institution that presented the award: ACI (AIRPORTS COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL)

Years of reference: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

The Airport Service Quality is an international survey on customer satisfaction, conducted by ACI (Airports Council International) through a standardised questionnaire distributed to passengers at the gate before boarding.  The survey is carried out in more than 350 airports worldwide.  Passengers have the opportunity to assess the services at the airport and express their overall satisfaction with customer experience by giving a score from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent).

The votes cast by passengers enabled Rome Fiumicino airport to earn its first place in the ranking amongst European airports with more than 40 million passengers per year for five consecutive times (from 2017 to 2021). Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, which was such a difficult and demanding time for the air transport sector, travellers at "Leonardo da Vinci" appreciated the efforts of Aeroporti di Roma in guaranteeing a quality service. 




(airports with over 25 million passengers per year)



Years of reference: 2018, 2019, 2020

The Best Airport Award is delivered by ACI Europe (Airports Council International Europe) to airports that have achieved excellence across a whole range of disciplines including retail, security, operations, facilities, community relations, environmental awareness and customer service. In years 2018 and 2019, after an accurate examination, judges have awarded to Rome-Fiumicino airport the prestigious award of Best Airport in Europe.

In 2020, Airports Council International Europe awarded Fiumicino Airport as the best airport in Europe, awarding it the “Best Airport Award” and it is the first time in the history of ACI acknowledgements that the award has been allocated for three years in a row to the same airport. This year, the award was allocated in the category of hubs with over 40 million passengers and focuses on the measures taken and protocols adopted to control the spread of the pandemic by introducing new technologies and processes to permanently improve the customer experience.







Agency that delivers the award: SKYTRAX

Years of reference: 2018, 2019

Skytrax is a UK based international air transport research organisation, that provides performance ranking and benchmarking across the airline and airport industry. Through the Airport Star Ranking, an on site audit is carried out by Skytrax inspectors that look at more than 800 different key performance indicators, i.e  tangible elements to guarantee excellence to the customer. After 2 audits on site in years 2017 and 2019,  Rome Fiumicino airport has been granted 4 stars by Skytrax, a certificate of excellence that crowns our commitment to guarantee to our passengers the best experience possible.






Institution that presented the award: SKYTRAX

Years of reference: 2018

Skytrax is a UK based international air transport research organisation, that provides performance ranking and benchmarking across the airline and airport industry. Under a customer survey conducted by Skytrax, customers have the opportunity, online, to rate the services they experienced at different airports worldwide. After an outstanding increase on scores given by customers to our airport in 2018, Rome-Fiumicino airport has won the “World’s Most Improved Airport” award.






Institution that presented the award: ACI (AIRPORTS COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL)

Year awarded: 2020, 2021

The ACI Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) programme provides airports with a document-based assessment of how aligned their health measures are with the recommendations of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) through the ‘Council Aviation Restart Task Force’ (CART), with the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) ‘Covid-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol’ guidelines and international best practice. 






Awarding entity: Airports Council International (ACI) World in partnership with Bureau Veritas.

Years of reference: 2020

Airports Council International (ACI) World launched the "Airport Health Measures Audit Program" (AHMA), completing the "Airport Health Accreditation" (AHA) certification system created during the summer of 2020 and which was based on the documentary analysis of the measures taken by airports (Fiumicino and Ciampino are the first airports in the European Union and the third airports in the world to obtain this certification).
The "AHMA", developed in partnership with Bureau Veritas, consists of an on site audit, with the aim of validating and demonstrating the effective implementation of measures to combat COVID-19.
The audit process was performed by Bureau Veritas inspectors, through the use of a specific checklist developed by a group of health, safety, hygiene and air transport specialists to cover all aspects of health measures and recommendations published by international organisations (ACI, ICAO).
Following the on-site audits of 17-18 December 2020 (Fiumicino) and 21 December 2020 (Ciampino), the two Rome airports were found to be compliant at every stage of the airport processes, making them the first airports in the world to obtain the SafeGuard™ certification.





Institution that presented the award: SKYTRAX

Year awarded: 2020

Skytrax is a UK-based international aviation research organisation that provides performance ranking and benchmarking in the aviation and airport sector. 
Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the company conducts audits that are based on a combination of checks on the efficiency of procedures, visual observations and ATP testing (bioluminescence test on surfaces showing the presence of adenosine triphosphate; depending on the ATP levels found, the tests are either passed, failed or to be monitored).
In the inspection and relevant rating assessment, in which Skytrax follows the OMS and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Council Aviation Recovery Task Force” Best Practice levels, the CART guidelines and the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) “COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol”, Rome-Fiumicino International Airport was awarded a 5 STAR rating, the first airport to ever receive such recognition globally. 





Institution that presented the award: SKYTRAX

Years of reference: 2021

The award, granted in 2021, recognises airports that were nominated by passengers for providing the highest health, hygiene and safety protocols during the pandemic. Passengers rated the airport's standards against COVID-19 in all key categories, including: signage and social distancing, correct use of face masks, visibility and availability of hand sanitiser, hygiene procedures at security checkpoints, cleanliness in the terminal and in the toilets.





Institution that presented the award: RINA

Year awarded: 2020

The certification awarded by RINA is the result of a careful investigation into the containment measures taken for all possible forms of contagion, from less dangerous to more harmful viruses such as Ebola and Covid-19, which involved every single part of our airports: from airport services to ICT systems, from infrastructure maintenance to commercial activities, from assistance services to security checks, from cleaning services to car parks, including a careful review of information flows to employees and passengers. 





Institution that presented the award: United Nations World Tourism Organization

Year awarded: 2020

The United Nations award recognises ADR’s long-standing commitment to sustainability, which is integrated into the business model to create economic, social and environmental value. 




Institution that presented the award: ACI EUROPE 

Reference years: 2021

ADR won for the first time in 2021 the "ACI Europe Digital Transformation Award", a competition open to all European airports regardless of size, which required details of the implementation of one or more solutions that correspond to the SESAR vision of the "Single European Sky" to be presented, highlighting technologies in the following areas: (i) Automation and autonomy, (ii) Air/ground integration, (iii) Virtualisation, (iv) Connectivity, (v) Data sharing. The jury awarded the prize to ADR for the focus on innovation and digital solutions that it has brought to the forefront, with particular appreciation for the airport's investment in the brand new Airport Operation Center, and for the implementation of the new innovation model focused on Open Innovation.