Funport  - Wait and Play



Aeroporti di Roma presents the digital platform created to keep passengers entertained while waiting for their flight.

The free initiatives made available are part of the innovation process that Aeroporti di Roma has put in place. They are active thanks to the collaboration with a number of start-ups and are part of a wider project to improve the airport travel experience.



In collaboration with WeShort, Aeroporti di Roma offers all waiting passengers the chance to enjoy the short films available on the streaming platform, available in various languages.

Click on the image to get 10 new free short films every week.








The entertainment services accessible from this page, as part of the airport digital experience, are provided by third parties who independently and exclusively determine the content and operating logic of their respective web pages.   ADR accepts no responsibility for the services, the methods of access and operation, the content of the websites in question or the multimedia resources available therein.