Apron safety


Even within aprons that refer to a defined area of the airport intended to accomodate aircraft for purposes of loading or unloading passengers, mail or cargo, fuelling, parking or maintenance, precide regulations are in force that must be followed for safety purposes.

ADR, through the design of infrastructures, the drafting of specific procedures (such as, for example, driving certification, instructions on the proper use of equipment, etc.) and the work of the Safety Committee, acts assiduously to mitigate the risk of accident in the Apron area.  



Private companies working in the Apron area

The operations carried out to facilitate the boarding and disembarkation of passengers and luggage, loading and unloading of cargo, mail and refuelling operations, cleaning of aircraft, etc., are commonly, referred to as "Ground operations"  and require specialization and certification from the companies that perform them. 

These companies are called "Ground Service Providers" (commonly called Handlers), which operate in accordance with Legislative Decree 18/99.


Safety Committee


The Safety Committee: is an Advisory Committee established at the Ciampino Airport, which aims to promote Safety themes and participation in the Safety Management System activities. It encompasses ADR and all the companies and State Entities operating at the airport;

Among the main objectives of the Safety Committee:

  •     to ensure the participation of all aerodrome operators concerned;
  •     to involve all aerodrome operators in the Safety objectives;
  •     to analyse and propose solution to problems encontered;
  •     to involve operators in the result of the SMS;
  •     to analyse jointly any problems found in relation to airport operations; and any proposals for change put forward by          the various entities in the Committee.





Apron service providers at Ciampino Airport are required to obtain an identification card, which is issued only upon completion of an in-depth course on the main rules to be followed, in order to protect the safety of aircraft and passengers.

Driving of any vehicles in these areas is subject to specific authorization. The circulation of vehicles and cars is subject to strict rules. Access roads and aircraft aprons are designed and built with specific signage dictated by current regulations.

Any irregular or incidental event occurring in the Apron area is analysed with appropriate investigative techniques, aimed at identifying the causes and implementing actions, in order to prevent the re-occurrence of the event.

To ensure the proper operation of the airport system and compliance with the rules of conduct, Aeroporti di Roma has established the Operational Safety Board, dedicated to infrastructure control (runways, taxiways, and aprons) and ground floor assistance (follow-me / Marshalling etc.).

Operational safety activities related to the parking of aircraft at the airport are carried out according to strict quality standards and consist of:


verification of the compliance with safety of the flight infrastructure , even in adverse weather conditions;

compliance with aerodrome operations-related safety standards;

study of the risk factors;

support for rescue vehicles and airport operators in the rescue operations, in hazardous situations for aircraft;

removal of sources of danger for aircraft (waste, FOD, green management);


These also encompass:


continuous monitoring of aprons and the systems used in relation to the aircraft;

compliance with driving regulations on the part of the vehicles;

management and supervision of construction sites in aprons.

procedures to discourage the presence of and removal of wild fauna in the airport territory, with the assistance of suitable and advanced instrumentation;

If you are an operator who is active in a movement area, you must become familiar with the contents of the Aerodrome Manual.



Safety Management


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