Vip Lounge

For passengers who want to relax with useful and quality services at FiumicinoVIP Lounges are available:

  • The Aviapartner handling company VIP “Prima Vista in the Terminal 3 departures area A1-A10 and in departures area E for international flights, open to all business class and frequent flyer passengers in the airport, regardless of the airline they are travelling
  • The HelloSky Arrival Lounge & Air Rooms, a structure of more than 1,200 square metres open to all travellers and located in an area open to the public near the ABCD multi-level car parks, easily reachable
  • The Plaza Premium Lounge on the second floor of the departures area E, a high comfort lounge with services open to all passengers departing or in transit. The structure is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week