Description of the Group


The ADR Group is currently composed of the subsidiaries ADR Sviluppo S.r.l. - single-shareholder company, ADR Tel S.p.A., ADR Assistance S.r.l.- single-shareholder company, ADR Mobility S.r.l., ADR Security S.r.l. and Airport Cleaning S.r.l. which have further improved skills and professionalism in the specific sectors, making their knowledge available to the other companies of the Group.

In addition, Aeroporti di Roma S.p.A. holds shares in:

  • SPEA Engineering S.p.A. (20%)
  • Pavimental (20%)
  • S.A.CAL. S.p.A. (9.229%)
  • Aeroporto di Genova S.p.A. (15%)
  • Leonardo Energia - Società Consortile a r.l. (10%)
  • Azzurra Aeroporti S.p.A. (7,77%)