Urban Air Mobility




The event, with the patronage of ENAC, represents an opportunity for dialogue on the “airport of the future” in which next generation mobility solutions will be presented; in particular, the focus will be on Urban Air Mobility, one of the most promising and captivating forms of sustainable mobility for the transport of people and goods through the use of vertical take-off electric aircraft, which the advancement of technology will make available to market operators shortly.

Aeroporti di Roma, in collaboration with Atlantia, one of the first companies to invest in Volocopter, one of the most advanced manufacturers in the construction of e-VTOL (Electric Vertical Take Off Landing) drones and aircrafts, is actively working to design the ground structures – the so-called vertiports – and facilitate the operational start-up of the first connectivity services in Rome with a challenging timeline.
Volocopter will exhibit for a few days the full-scale prototype of the Volocity drone for the urban connections. 


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