Safety Campaign


Safety clips the new campaign promoted by ADR Safety & Compliance Monitoring Management aimed at all operators who work in the airside.

Here are the videos and posters containing important safety recommendations:
1. the first, focused on traffic rules, and in particular on the near collision with aircraft by vehicles
2. the second, on the correct positioning of chocks and cones in the stand

Don't underestimate the risk! Always put safety first for you and the others.
Have a good vision

1. Poster - Aircraft circulation rules and precedence



2. Poster - Chocks and cones




Our articles on the world of aerodrome safety:


Airplanes always have right of way NEW

An airport road campaign to raise awareness and information through cartoons. The goal is to fight driving distractions, even with images, and promote the culture of safety on the airside roads of Fiumicino airport.


Happy birthday: the navigation code is 80 years old (1942-2022)

Interview with Bruno Franchi, professor of Aeronautical Law at UNIMORE University and president of the National Agency for Flight Safety (ANSV). 
For the first time, an academic conference at the Leonardo da Vinci.


Low altitude investigations. NEW

Interview with the safety inspector (airport aviation safety)


Safety captained by women

Interview: safe airports with female manager in guard of certification


Adr studies the covid impact on the human factor


How the biological, psychosocial and economic aspects of well-being can influence the personal and professional routine of performance



The future is now

Drones between pros and cons, a future following the rules



The new “Safety Together” campaign is started

A prize for the virtuous behavior of aerodrome operators



Aviapartner wins the Airport Safety Award 2020 for fiumicino airport

First edition of the recognition dedicated to the enhancement of the safety activities of handlers