Procedures and steps to be taken 


Green Pass 

As of 1 June 2022, the obligation to present the Covid-19 Green Certification (Green pass) for the purpose of entry into Italy from abroad has been terminated.  
You should also check the rules of the country of destination for passengers leaving Italy. The relevant checks are carried out by the airline upon boarding.  

It is recommended to consult the institutional website of the Ministry of Health - Covid-19 Travellers or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Viaggiare sicuri, for updates on the measures in place and the procedures required by the countries of destination

Information on the COVID-19 Green Certification can be found on the dedicated Italian portal: and, at the European level, on the European Commission's website EU Digital COVID Certificate: | European Commission (

For further information, please consult the text of the Guidelines on Public Transport, the Covid regulations, the Ministry of Health website and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Viaggiare Sicuri website where you can find updates on countries of destination.

Ministry of Health

Viaggiare Sicuri