How do I get to Rome Fiumicino “Leonardo da Vinci” Airport?

The airport is easy to get to by bus, train, car or taxi. See the section How to get there, for travel timetables and other useful information.

If I come by car where can I park?
At Fiumicino Airport there are the following car parks

  • Car Parks opposite the Terminals

Opposite the Terminals on the Arrivals and Departures levels, there are car parks for stops of a maximum of one hour, marked with blue lines. While parked you are required to clearly display the receipt for payment of three euro in the car.

  • Multi-storey Comfort A-B-C-D-E

Marked with the letters A, B, C, D, E, the covered car parks (with the exception of the last floor) can be used for short-, medium- and long-term stays, and are connected to the terminals by pedestrian paths with moving walkways.

  • Executive

ADR staff are responsible for vehicles parked, with security services and insurance against theft, damage and fire. Reception and assistance services for fast check-in with Alitalia are available. Located on the 2nd level of Multi-storey car park E, it is is connected to the terminals by pedestrian paths with moving walkways. Bookable online.

  • Long-stay Economy

Directly accessible from the Rome-Fiumicino motorway, the park is connected to the terminals by a free shuttle service, and has covered and uncovered parking spaces. Bookable online.

  • Motorcycles parks

The entrance is on the ground floor of the Multi-storey Comfort E covered park. Connected to the terminals via pedestrian paths. It is suitable for all types of stays. Bookable online.

  • Parking for the disabled 

Available on every level of the Multi-storey Comfort E park, on level 1 of Multi-storey Comfort B, C, D and on level 4 of Multi-storey Comfort D. These reserved parking spaces are, by law, free of charge. To take advantage of the facility, the entitled person must exhibit their original sticker, together with the ticket issued at the entrance, to the staff of the car park’s operating room located on the left of the exits of sectors A, B, C, D, or to the staff present, from 8 am to 11 pm, on the 2nd level of the Multi-storey Comfort E car park.

For carers of passengers with disabilities to qualify for the exemption they must show the original sticker of the entitled person, together with the ticket issued at the entrance to the staff of the operating room, plus a copy of the flight ticket of the holder of the sticker.
There are places reserved for holders of the appropriate sticker on the Departures and Arrivals levels of the terminals for stays of a maximum of two hours.

  • Parking for women 

Covered parking spaces are provided for new mothers, pregnant women and travelling women, available in:

  • the Multi-storey Comfort D car park, on the 4th level, conveniently connected by pedestrian paths with moving walkways (about 5 minutes)
  • Long-stay Economy car park, in Sector 2, near the free shuttle stop for the terminals (15 minutes).

To create better traffic flow and restrict access to areas reserved for authorized vehicles, ENAC and the local authorities, with the support of ADR, have launched an important new feature for the roads around Leonardo da Vinci Airport terminals:

Restricted Traffic Area - Stop&Go

To ensure passengers and companions safe and easy access to the airport, ENAC and the local authorities, with the support of ADR, have launched an important new initiative regarding traffic flow near the Leonardo da Vinci Airport terminals: the Kiss&Go area. 

Kiss&Go area


Where and how do I pay for parking? 
You can pay directly at the exit barriers equipped with the easyPass system: this is the fastest way to leave the car parks and allows the use of credit cards only, up to a maximum of 250 euro. Credit cards accepted are American Express, Visa, Diners Club and MasterCard.
For higher amounts payment must be made exclusively at the checkouts with an operator, at the Easy Parking Customer Service Centre, located near the Multi-storey Comfort car parks.

An alternative way to access and pay for parking is by Telepass

Who should I contact about a mistake in the payment for parking at Fiumicino? 
Contact the Easy Parking Customer Service operational 24 hours on +39 06 65953558 or by pressing the info button on the automatic payment machines.

Which terminal should I go to?
Leonardo da Vinci Airport has two terminals: T1 and T3.
Acceptance procedures for national and international flights vary depending on the destination and the airline, which should be contacted for information.

How do I reach the terminals?
A free shuttle bus service operates all year, connecting the airport, the car parks and the Cargo City approximately every 15 minutes (from 1 am to 4 am only if called from the intercoms installed at the stops).

Where can I ask for information?

Throughout the airport, in the arrivals, departures and transit areas, there are eleven information desks available with ADR staff operators. There are also some interactive multimedia (touch screen) totems, connected to the operator.

Who should I call if I need special assistance?

ADR Assistance provides a service for passengers with reduced mobility. Service have to be requested of the airline in advance, at least 48 hours before departure time. For further information www.adrassistance.it

Is there a porter service?

The porter service, luggage transportation for a fee, can be requested at the ADR information desks and through the interactive stations, or can be booked by email or fax. Tel. +390665958349, Fax +39 0665955133 - email supervisoriterminal@adr.it

What documents are required for the trip?

At check-in a ticket and a valid document – passport or identity card – must be shown to the handling company or airline staff. In addition, you should check that the country you are travelling to does not require any vaccinations or a visa.

What items are prohibited?

Items that could be used as weapons (e.g. scissors, knives, files, umbrellas with metal tips) of any size are not allowed on board. EU legislation on the transport of liquids does not allow you to carry in your hand baggage more than 1 litre; the containers for creams, gels and other liquids should have a maximum capacity of 100 millilitres (1/10 of a litre, or 100 grams) and should be put in a sealable transparent plastic bag. For further information please see the ENAC Regulations.

In hand luggage it is prohibited to transport any type of fire-arm or knife, explosives and ammunition, unless they are accompanied by a permit issued by the competent authorities.

What are the customs limits for purchases at the airport? 



Tobacco products  
Cigarettes 200 pezzi (1 carton)
Small cigars (max 3 g. each) 100 pezzi
Cigars   50 pieces
Smoking tobacco     250 gr.


Alcoholic beverages and liquor  
Alcoholic beverages or liquor with an alcohol content of over 22% by volume or non-denatured ethyl alcohol with an 80% content 1 liter
Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content under 22% by volume
2 liters
Other alcoholic beverages  
Non-sparkling wine 4 liters
beers 16 liters



Tobacco products  
Cigarettes 800 (4 cartons)
Small cigars (max 3 g each)
Cigars 200
Smoking tobacco
1 Kg


Alcoholic beverage and liquor  
Alcoholic beverages or liquor with an alcohol content over 22% by volume   10 liters
Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content under 22%   20 liters
of which 60 liters sparkling wine
  90 liters
Beer 110 liters