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It's over a century since the inauguration of Rome’s first airport, and, to date, the capital's airport system leads the way in Italy in terms of traffic flows. The system, operated by Aeroporti di Roma – ADR S.p.A., is made up of two airports: “Leonardo da Vinci” in Fiumicino, and “Giovan Battista Pastine” in Ciampino.

Fiumicino Airport (FCO), the main Italian hub, is served by airlines from around the world, which provide connections to all major international destinations. Its strategic location in the centre of the Mediterranean, together with the wide range of intercontinental flights available, confirms its role as a principal stopover point for connecting flights for the entire central and southern European region.

Constant attention to the quality of services offered to passengers and airlines has resulted in continuous improvement and development of the entire airport system. Investments in recent years have meant that Fiumicino is now the leading airport—among the largest European stopovers—in terms of passenger satisfaction, as confirmed by the numerous awards that have conferred on the hub.

Among these, in 2018, are the achievement of 4 stars and the "World's Most Improved Airport Award" by SkyTrax, as well as the "Best Airport Award" from ACI Europe and the “Airport Service Quality Award” approved by ACI World.


Codiv-19: Information for airlines 

With regard to the management of the emergency linked to the spread of Covid-19, Aeroporti di Roma (ADR) informs the airlines operating at Fiumicino’s "Leonardo da Vinci" international airport that prevention and containment measures have been implemented – in compliance with the government provisions. Such measures include the reorganization of the spaces to ensure social distancing; the adaptation of signposts; an increase of the sanitizing activities and the indications on monitors and information totems; the installation of sanitizing gel dispensers; the supply of facemasks for individual protection; and the use of the most advanced thermal scanners.

You can download the document concerning to the adoption of the aforementioned measures here below:




          You can also get all useful information and updates on the latest ministerial transport regulations at the following link:



Aeroporti di Roma continues to work to ensure high quality services and a constant attention to the needs of passengers and airlines.