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The people management policies that govern, in an integrated manner, the management and development of human resources divide the Group’s personnel into five macro profiles: Manager, Professional, Graduate, Clerical Staff and Manual Worker identifying for each profile the appropriate recruitment and selection, performance evaluation, development and reward methods.
Our managerial model enables the identification of key skills and career planning consistent with the growth of the company and individual aspirations and motivations.


People who hold managerial roles play a central role within the Group in that they are called on to manage complex organizational and operational systems. They are responsible for ensuring contributions that are increasingly orientated toward the effective management of the resources entrusted to them, with full autonomy in pursuing the objectives set by the company. Managers are recruited when there are specific requirements in the various professional environments. Please check the job opportunities.


Operating in the field of air transport, characterized by changing and discontinuous scenarios in which the competitive advantage is represented by professional skills and experience. The development and consolidation of specialized knowledge allows the professional to respond quickly to the dynamics of the business, through management support activities. In particular, Professionals, with their specialist knowledge, carry out studies, plan, programme and design processes of particular relevance to the company. Managers are recruited when there are specific requirements in the different professional environments. Please check the job opportunities.


The hiring and training of young graduates is a strategic commitment for the company, because it leads to a future rich in the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the continuity and success of the Group. In this sense the policy adopted represents a system of values, behaviour and knowledge that constitute the path through which to promote and develop young graduates in harmony with the strategy of the Group. Young people entering the Graduate programme are set on a path designed to support professional growth. They are quick learners, curious, interested in innovation and motivated to improve. In recruiting graduates, priority is given to those who have undertaken an internship with the company. An Internship is the easiest way to entry the company as a graduate.

This is a period of “on-the-job” training that ADR offers young high school and university graduates and those completing specializations in order to seize reciprocal opportunities, in accordance with the terms and conditions foreseen by the law. Internships are linked to specific projects in the different departments of the company and generally last six months, in order to facilitate integration into the organization and to make the experience as meaningful and complete as possible. During the internship a mentor, manager of the department supervises the intern to facilitate insertion in the department and provide the training and tools required to carry out the project assigned and to evaluate the overall result. The ADR Group initiates internships in partnership with universities, schools and employment centres, across the various professional spheres of interest.

Clerical Staff

Airport staff creates the first impression of the ADR Group vis-à-vis the passengers and the public. The members of staff are characterized by strong customer orientation, operational problem-solving and specific professional skills developed through classroom and on-the-job training.

Service activities are:

  • Airport security
  • Public information

An online form is available for applicants of less than 32 years old, with an Italian high school diploma or equivalent foreign qualification, an adequate knowledge of English for the position (and preferably of other languages). Please complete the form, taking care to specify whether you are available for a fixed-term, full time or part time contract.

Manual Workers

Positions for manual workers support the busy operations of the main airport production processes and require dedicatation, energy, concentration and team spirit. There is an online form available for applicants less than 32 years old, with at least a high school diploma, a driving licence for higher categories (C or D or at least B). Please complete the form, taking care to specify whether you are available for a fixed-term, full time or part time contract.