The candidate selection process is conducted by the ADR Human Resources and the Administration Department, in collaboration with the heads of department and is divided into three distinct stages:

  • Pre-selection interview, which aims to analyze the motivations, the degree of coherence of the individual expectations with the ADR system of values and the individual characteristics of the candidates.
  • Assessment centre, which allows the exploration of – through individual and group tests – the potential of the candidates with regards to capacity, inclinations, propensity to act, organization and approach.
  • Final interview with Administration in order to assess the degree of affinity of the candidate with the technical/professional aptitude requirements of the position.

During the selection process the criteria followed are: objectivity – the assessment is made on data, information and observed behaviour; traceability – every step of the selection is certified; responsibility – the evaluation of the candidate is made by both Human Resources and Administration.

The selection process concludes with a classification of the candidates considered and identification of the person to be hired for the position.