Unwrap Positivity: here you’ll find the land of chocolate!

Venchi for the first time presents new recipes, by inviting to celebrate the combination of creative ingredients.
We introduce our new unique proposals to create an explosion of flavours in our customers with our delicious and high-quality ingredients. For our clients that are looking for is softness, crunchiness, creaminess, fillings, coatings, dark chocolate - with or without fruit, with or without liqueur. Here, every day, you’ll find new combinations, new families, new flavours.

The Tartufini family celebrates the arrival of: Allegra, the crunchy recipe that surprises and delights our senses! Hazel, the delicious traditional recipe with Piedmont Hazelnut; Salty, the special sweet & salty recipe with pistachios, almonds and Piedmont hazelnuts.

PVC Tartufini: € 8,00

The promotion is valid from October 14th to November 4th, 2019 in Venchi stores located in boarding area B, D and E.




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